What We Do

Architectural Design

DWC provides professional architectural design services for all size projects, ranging from room additions to large custom residences, as well as small commercial buildings. We have expertise in all residential design styles, including but not limited to English, French, Italian and American styles, such as New England, Southern, and Southwestern. Our desire is to match the design style to the personality of our owners. In addition to the exterior appearance of the building, we are very interested in providing a workable floor plan that meets the lifestyle of our clients. Every owner is unique and the preferences for floor plan design vary widely from client to client.

Things that we consider as we design the interior layout of the project include space relationships, special architectural features that may be desired in a particular room (fireplace, beam ceiling, etc.), and room orientation to exterior spaces. As we work through the architectural design process, we also integrate into the total concept such things as heating and air conditioning, audio and video system layout, and lighting location and function.

New Building Services

DWC provides building services for many of the projects that we design for our clients. Having previously completed the design process with the client, we feel that we have a better understanding and interpretation of the architectural intent of the building once construction has begun. We have found that providing this seamless service means that fewer mistakes are made in the field, and that the clients have a more positive experience with the total building process.

Additionally, DWC provides new building services for clients who already have their own set of architectural drawings, and we welcome the opportunity to bid the job off of those plans, providing a quality building experience for them as well.


Another service we provide is the remodeling of existing residences. This may be as simple as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, a room addition to an existing home or a whole-house remodel. Many homeowners today love their neighborhood, but they simply need a makeover with updated finishes, appliances, or fixtures in order to make their current residence the home of their dreams. We also provide exterior remodeling services, which includes new landscaping, outdoor living spaces, new entry designs, window replacements, gazebos, water features, and swimming pools.


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